Many of us prefer not to adulterate our bodies with harsh chemicals, nor do we want to despoil the environment just to look good, but we also want to feel at our best. A youthful appearance and silky hair contribute to our sense of well-being, but aren't always easy to maintain in our modern, high pressure world.

Argan oil is the perfect solution. Argan oil is a natural product that positively enriches skin and hair. Because it is light and easily absorbed, it offers a luminous glow to the skin and because it is so pure, it requires no stabilizers, unlike synthetic face creams which often contain preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin.

Argan trees in Morocco have been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for their unique habitat, and sensitive handling of the trees, which can be 200 years old, ensures that wildlife, village life and the environment are all kept in perfect harmony, which is why Kenzul Atlas ensures that its Argan oil is produced using traditional methods that benefit local people as well as maintaining the Argania forests.

Kenzul Atlas Argan oil has many benefits since it is silicone and chemical additive free, sensitively harvested and processed with care. The resulting beauty product is both pure and potent, with a superb natural fragrance for which the Argan trees are famous. Used regularly, it delivers a glowingly healthy appearance to skin and richer, more lustrous hair.