Luieruitslag behandeling

Luieruitslag behandeling

Since Pure Argan oil is 100% natural, it is gentle enough to be used on your baby's skin. Argan oil has a variety of uses such as helping with nappy rashes , eczema, cradle cap and can also be used for baby massage.

Why ?

Since Argan Oil contains Sterols which leave the skin feeling soft and reduce inflammation - Argan oil is therefore a fantastic organic treatment. Furthermore the Polyhenols in the Argan Oil promote skin repair whilst being excellent as an anti septic and anti-allergenic properties.


For nappy rash, applying just a few drops on the affected area can reduce the irritated area.

Caution: Since Argan contains nuts, it's always best to do a small patch test first when using Argan oil to ensure that your child doesn't have an allergy to tree nuts.

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