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Arganolie met essentiële oliën mengen

Pure Argan Oil as a slight natural nutty aroma. Although the smell of the oil doesn't last too long on the skin, for infrequent users of argan oil, the smell can take some getting used to.

Don't let the smell of pure Argan put you off as not only is Argan Oil incredibly good for your skin, it is also a fantastic carrier oil which means that you can add your favorite essential oils to create a scent that suits you.

By adding just approx 15-18 drops per 30ml of your favorite Argan oil you can create a totally different fragrance.

One word of caution before you proceed, as essential oils are highly concentrated so you should take care with the undiluted amount you use to avoid possibly irritating your skin. In adults you should use approx 4 drops of essential oils per teaspoon of Argan oil. There are also some essential oils which should be avoided when pregnant, so please check before you incorporate essential oils as part of your natural beauty regimen.

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