Announcing our charity partnership with Hannan School - Kenzul Atlas

Aankondiging van onze samenwerking met Hannan School

Giving back is at the heart and soul of Kenzul Atlas's objectives, which is why we are committed to helping Berber communities with schooling for local children.

When you buy Kenzul Atlas Argan oil, you are helping give young Berber children access to education. We are committed to giving 5% of our profit directly to supporting a charity which provides schooling to disadvantaged Moroccan Berber children, who wouldn't otherwise get an education.

We are delighted to have partnered with the Hannan School which was set up in 2002 through a vision by Hmad & Hannah Naatit to bring Education and Hope to the Berber Village of El Borj in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Hannan's charity has made a real difference to the Berber community of El Borj, some examples of the incredible work that they have done so far is;

  • Sponsoring 70 Children through their schooling
  • Land purchased to build modern spacious school
  • Medicines are given for Conjunctivitis, Trachoma, Eczema, Anaemia
  • Operations on 2 Children
  • Food provided to the poorest families
  • Chickens purchased for most families
  • Goat & kid given to family to provide income
  • Clothes, pencil cases, shoes etc given to help local families

For more information on their work please view their website

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