Acne behandeling

Acne behandeling

Argan Oil can also be used for skin which is prone to acne and on pre-existing acne scars.

Why ?

Argan Oil contains sterols which reduce inflammation and leave the skin feeling soft. Polyphenols are known for their antioxidant and antiseptic proper ties which promote healthy skin cells and will reduce acne scars over time.

Peppermint oil is very good for oily/acne skin. When combined with Argan oil which is non greasy and is packed full of vitamin E & antioxidants


Add 15 to 18 drops of organic Peppermint essential oil in 30ml of our pure organic Argan Oil. In the evening when you have washed your face, add 2 drops of the mixed Argan and peppermint oil to your skin and leave to dry naturally.


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